Boys will be boys

What does ‘boys will be boys’ mean to you? 

For me, this phrase means: 

There is a mother raising a son with a tender heart but a relentless attitude. 

A mother that is raising a son with patience and understanding. 

So many expect a toddler boy to be impulsive in nature. However, as an adult, if we were less impulsive to judge a toddler boy WE would get to see WHO they are. 

When I view this image, I see a kind and patient soul. One with a tender touch and the understanding of something delicate. The generous time he spent with the flowers to appreciate the aroma that they had to offer.  As an adult, we only wish to see the pure beauty that this toddler boy indulges in. 

If ‘boys will be boys’, I sure hope my son spends more time around this like-minded GENTLEman.  

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Philip CarnevaleComment